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About The Lawrence Laboratory

The Lawrence Laboratory is an education project bringing people together through learning. We host informal, accessible classes on a variety of subjects at low-cost (starting at $10) and low-commitment (1-2 hours, 1 session). Subjects can be on anything: highbrow to tabloid, quirky to conventional, hobby to professional. Every class will be one of a kind! 

With community driven education classes are proposed by and taught by members of the community. We believe that teaching and learning can happen in many different ways and places; and that everyone has valuable experiences and ways of knowing. We want to utilize our diverse experiences so anyone is welcome to teach, from a tenured professor to a hobbyist. We provide a platform for people who are passionate about a subject and have a willingness to share.


The City of Lawrence, in particular, has a vibrant educational heritage. At the heart of this project, we want to be a hub for lifelong learning opportunities by connecting people with our many quality resources. The Lawrence Laboratory seeks to build upon those resources while offering something different. We want to be more than just a place to learn lessons but a place to think about teaching and learning in new ways...and we want to do it together. 

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